Persona IQ® The Smart Knee®

The size, shape and fit of your knee implants can make a big difference in your satisfaction after total knee replacement. That’s why the Persona® knee was designed to give your surgeon more options to better match your bone’s anatomy.

Implant & Data Collection

Your surgeon will start by selecting Persona Knee implant that best matches your knee’s anatomy. Then, on the bottom of
the implant, a small “smart” stem extension is attached. This stem contains sensors that capture information like your range of motion, stride length, walking speed and step count.

Your Persona IQ implant collects the activity through the day. The Home Base Station then transmits the data to the mymobility app automatically. The post-surgery data is then accessible and viewed by you and your surgeon through the app.

Persona IQ does not collect data on your location.

Mymobility Care Management Platform

Data is available through a simple to use intuitive platform for both patients and physicians. Mymobility offers:

  • Education & Engagement
  • PROMS Collection Exceptions (Pain & Gait)
  • Effortless Activity + Physiologic Tracking
  • Pre- and Post- Operative Exercises
  • Telemedicine (Virtual Visits) & Messaging

Smart Knee Benefits

  • Supports the goal of 100 percent patient compliance
  • Provides remote, passively collected data through an intuitive user interface
  • Maintains standard Persona Knee surgery workflow and instrumentation

Next Steps
Talk with your orthopedic surgeon to learn more about Persona IQ, The Smart Knee, to see it is an option for you.


David Camarata
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