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Podiatry: Foot Care

Patients in the Phoenix Valley have access to high-quality podiatry care at Steward Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center. Comprehensive foot care services are available for sports injuries, diabetic foot issues, wounds, fungi, and more. (For more information about conditions treated, visit our partner’s website, Arizona Institute of Footcare Physicians.)

Foot Care: Diagnostics & Treatments

Since 1970, a group of world-class podiatrists, right here in Phoenix, have combined decades of clinical experience and advanced imaging tools (including x-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, and Footmaxx Gait Analysis) to better evaluate patients’ foot problems. Treatment options can vary, depending on the patient’s pathology and symptoms. Treatment may include:

  • Orthotic Devices for relieving stress and discomfort in the foot.
  • Regenerative Injection Therapy (prolotherapy) for managing chronic pain caused by many foot conditions.
  • TOPAZ™ Procedure, a minimally invasive radiofrequency therapy for treating tendons and fascia.
  • Laser Treatment for toenail fungus, a virtually “no-risk” procedure with an 88 percent rate of effectiveness.
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy for chronic pain in the feet. This therapy provides relief for patients with peripheral neuropathy while treating the underlying causes – not just symptoms.
  • Sole Cushion™ Procedure, which stimulates collagen growth to restore the foot’s natural padding.

For more information about podiatry care in the Phoenix area, contact Steward Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center.



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