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5 Key Benefits of MAKOplasty Knee Surgery

Author: Brian McWhorter, D.O.

Whether you run 10 miles every weekend or prefer to crash on the couch, you’ll probably experience knee pain at some point. In fact, one survey found that 18% of American adults reported knee pain the last 30 days. As the knee pain exacerbates, many patients are advised to look into traditional knee replacement surgery.

Here at Hedley Orthopaedic Institute, we’re able to provide an alternative to knee surgery – MAKOplasty Partial Knee Resurfacing. In this procedure, we’re able to repair only the damaged portions, leaving the healthy portions of your knee intact. Check out the top five MAKOplasty benefits for yourself:

#1 Faster knee pain relief.

Pain is the reason you had surgery in the first place; it shouldn’t follow you for weeks or months after the procedure. With MAKOplasty, many patients are able to stand and walk the same day. MAKOplasty knee surgery gets you back to what you love in less time.

#2 Better outcomes.

Remarkably, MAKOplasty knee surgery only has a 0.4% failure rate two years after surgery – a figure that’s nine times lower than manual partial knee replacements. What’s more, 89 percent of patients are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their new knee two years later.

#3 Quicker recovery and shorter hospital stay.

The average recovery period for traditional knee replacement is six to eight weeks. Plus, most patients stay in the hospital for anywhere from three to seven days. With MAKOplasty surgery, most patients recover in two weeks and only spend one to three days in the hospital.

#4 MAKOplasty knee surgery has a smaller incision.

I’ve never met a patient who doesn’t prefer a 2-3 inch incision (which MAKOplasty offers) over an 8-10 inch incision, which is what you’ll find the average knee surgery requires. Patients who choose MAKOplasty knee surgery also tend to have less scarring and reduced blood loss – another wonderful MAKOplasty benefit.

#5 More natural feeling knee.

Lastly, what good is a new knee if it doesn’t feel natural and improve your quality of life? Patients report a more natural feeling knee after MAKOplasty knee surgery – and for good reason. The implants patients receive have been specially designed for their knees, using pre-op 3D scans. This is arguably one of the biggest MAKOplasty benefits!

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